Minted Interiors - Coming Of Age

I’m so excited to finally share with you our new Minted Interiors branding!


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What do you think? Very grown up isn't it? 

Speaking of grown up, it’s been almost three and a half years since Minted Interiors first opened for business in June 2014 and JEEPERS what a ride it has been! I can still remember the terror I felt pressing ‘publish’ on our launch post, the huge sense of relief after go-live and the empowerment and gratitude I experienced seeing your overwhelming support flood in.. We’ve seen some huge highs and a few lows over the years all of which have helped define Minted Interiors and the business that it is today. Our new branding reflects how far we’ve come and the journey still ahead of us.

I'm still in shock at just how far and wide this little business manages to take me. Since launching (you can read about my background pre-launch here) we’ve been on an incredible interiors journey that has seen me designing for clients in so many places including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Geraldton and regional areas of Victoria and WA. I’ve been to plenty of interior events, had plenty of different hair styles (!!), met + e-met so many beautiful interior folk from our thriving Australian interiors and design community; and worked with the loveliest, most genuine clients, some of whom I'm now lucky enough to call friends.

Photography:  Amanda Lui Photography,  Styling:  Minted Interiors

I’ve also been presented with some amazing opportunities, working with some of the most inspiring Australian design brands like ArtHide, Amigos De HoyBed Tonic and Sage x Clare; working on magazine styling shoots for Homes+ and my work landing in Mama Disrupt, Real Living, Home Beautiful, Interiors Addict, Life + Style, Minty Magazine, Who Loves That and The Habitat section of The West Australian to name a few. More recently I've been offered a scholarship by the Inspiring Rare Birds National Mentoring Program - selected as one of 100 female entrepreneurs from across Australia (more on that soon). So many highlights that have sparked my Minted Interiors journey, with hopefully many more to come.


During these years we have been super BUSY completing Minted Interiors interior decorating + business growth projects and thanks to your demand we have evolved our service offering to include e-Decorating (the original!), Home Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, Interior Design Courses + Coaching and furniture selection + sales offering designer furniture to our customers all over Australia at discounted pricing. It’s always been my goal to develop Minted Interiors into a complete interior lifestyle brand, so we’re also working on a few more very exciting products and services, which we can’t wait to share with you very soon..

I wish I could say that it’s all been good, but it hasn’t. There was an incredibly tough twelve months in amongst it all, when my beautiful mum became really sick and passed away ten weeks after Wilbur was born, following a six year battle with breast cancer. I dropped the ball on Minted - everything seemed so bleak and simple tasks felt overwhelming. She was such an encouraging and supportive force in my life – she was a champion for Minted and role modelled determination and success for my sisters and I throughout her lifetime.

After taking some time out, I eventually returned to work with a new energy and vision for Minted Interiors that I can only attribute to the new perspective Mum’s death had brought me. The important things in life are the people and things that make you happy and there’s no time to waste worrying about anything else. Invest in your family, your friends and your dreams right at this moment. Comparison is the thief of joy, so concentrate on your own creations and be proud and grateful for what you have and what you manage to achieve. Don’t look back with regret or hesitate in doing something because you’re worried about what others will think – do it now. Those who are important will support and love you, even if you fail and that's what counts most.

My beautiful Mum with Jemima x

My beautiful Mum with Jemima x

Life as a mum and business owner can be intensely chaotic and hectic. I am lucky enough to have a huge village of support from friends and family who help me keep Minted ticking along with cleaning, child care, babysitting and sometimes even school pick ups, cooking and food shopping! A big call out to my sister Carrie - my photographer, babysitter, business mentor and partner in crime; Gemma Healy Maver - always my styling opinion go-to, fellow Instagram junkie (her account is amazing, so make sure you follow) and incredible friend; our beautiful nanny Maggie who helps out a few mornings a week; and Yves - best husband and support I could ever ask for. Even with all this help, most days I struggle to keep all of the balls in the air and often I feel like I fail big time, but one thing I’ve learnt through all of your stories, is that I’m not alone in this epic juggle and no one ever gets it perfectly right all of the time.


Speaking of your stories!!! One of the things that has brought me the most joy in my MI journey is the incredible folk (AKA followers) I’ve been lucky enough to attract on our social media feeds. Almost 25,000 of you on Instagram and a few thousand on Facebook too. Many of you I now get to count as genuine real life friends, hundreds more have become great supporters of the MI brand and have cheered me through the ups and downs of running a small business while raising a small (big!) family and facing the challenges that life in general throws at us all.


My day-to-day motherhood journey is very much a part of the MI story. Many moments with our little family have been shared with all of you and you've watched our babies grow up (well almost). I often pinch myself to be able to generate an income doing something I love, that allows me to work from home with our tribe. To be able to share the often hectic and chaotic juggle with all of you and hear about your similar celebrations and struggles, has made the experience ten million times easier and more rewarding. It's our family, friends and YOU who always keep me driven and motivated to achieve more. What a privilege it is to have such a great supportive, driving force not only for our business but family life. Minted would not be where it is today without you and I can’t express my gratitude enough. 

I hope you’ll continue to follow the Minted Interiors story and enjoy watching us take this MI business of ours to the next level, through all the highs and lows to come. This new branding reflects the evolution of our little business and now represents a new and exciting coming-of-age for Minted Interiors – can’t wait to share everything ahead with you all x

Minted Interiors_Thinner M Logo_Brass.jpeg


A big thanks to Tegan Ruta for her help in bringing my Minted Interiors rebrand vision to life. 

Photography + Styling:  Minted Interiors

Photography + Styling: Minted Interiors

Photography + Styling:  Minted Interiors

Photography + Styling: Minted Interiors

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