Benedict - Office Room Reveal

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A disorganised office - we’ve all been there - in fact, I’m still there! Piles of paperwork, impractical storage and less than desirable styling. Like a mechanic with a bad car, my office needs a good old overhaul. Who’s with me?! This is exactly where my client Kate began, when she called me out to give her office space a spruce up.

When designing a space it’s always important to answer a few questions before you start, to get your ideas firing -

  1. Who uses the space?

  2. How do they use this space?

  3. Why exactly are you renovating/redecorating?

  4. Is there anything that currently gets in the way of you enjoying this space?

  5. How do you want to feel in your new space?

If you answer these questions and use your answers to inform your design choices, you’ll be off to a great start.

For this project I discovered that Kate’s office was more than just an office - she runs her business RealFood RealYou from this room and it’s also used as a music room, a library and a storage space by her, as well as her husband and three kids. With this in mind, the redesign needed to tick a few boxes - an organised and functional workspace, a relaxing setting to read, a room with ample storage space and enough room to play instruments, including the beautiful old piano.

For Kate it was also important to create a calming, feminine look with character - something soft and contemporary without being overly girly. She had some precious pieces that she wanted to include in the room including her piano, the treasured bookcase her friend built her and a beautiful antique side table, all of which needed to form part of the redesign.


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Great design, that truly reflects the client’s personal style, evolves from a collaborative process between the client and designer. The first digital design concept I create after capturing the brief is used to show the client what’s possible in their space. It also prompts clients to articulate what they do and don’t like - after all it’s always easier to know what you love/hate once you’re looking at it! This is the beauty and value of digital design work - it allows you to swap out items and elements you don’t like BEFORE you’ve spent money ordering/installing them, which of course can save thousands. Along the way I offer my design experience and advice on current colour trends, latest materials, quality product choice, recommended suppliers and trades and discounts on all products.

Thanks to this process the final design captures the client’s ultimate style and delivers a well designed space that suits their lifestyle and functional needs. For Kate’s office, this is the final concept we settled on to create the new space:


Built in cabinetry and a built in desk top offer a huge amount of storage and work space for Kate and her family. The beautiful velvet armchairs by GlobeWest and floor rug by Tribe Home (both available for purchase through Minted Interiors) create a soft and pretty setting to enjoy a book from Kate’s impressive library wall.

The artwork ‘Benedict’ by Adele Naidoo was chosen by Kate from a selection of artwork by Australian artists that I recommended to suit her brief. This beautiful piece adds so much contemporary Australian character and colour to this space. The cushion and ottoman are by Australian designer Onyx & Smoke and their stunning tones and material further develop the colour palette and bring a luxe comfort to the room.


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A designer is only as good as the trades they use and this is definitely the case for this project. I am lucky enough to work with some outstanding tradespeople who always show incredible professionalism and a high standard of work. It’s easy to look at the end room reveal images of any project and overlook the hard work that has gone in to the installation, so I have put together a little time lapse video which shows just a snippet of the trades working hard to bring this project to life.


Music by MOWE via Soundcloud. Trade credits at the end of this blogpost.

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Kate enjoying her new office.

Kate enjoying her new office.

I hope you enjoyed this room reveal as much as I enjoyed working on it. Kate was amazing to work with and I am forever grateful to her and her family for entrusting me with this special space.

Although I take on plenty of e-design and consulting jobs throughout the year, I only accept a very limited number of full install projects annually (full room / whole house project management), so I can give each of these projects the love, focus and time they need. I am on the hunt for my 2019 selection, so if you are keen to make a transformational difference in your redecoration or renovation project, please get in - I would love to chat to you about what’s possible.

Tess x

Photography - Carrie Young Photography

Interior Design, Project Management & Styling - Minted Interiors

Tess dressed by Natalie Livall


PS Chesters - Cabinetry

Bennetts Blinds & Curtains Choices Flooring Geraldton - sheers and blinds

Hopkinsons Painting - Paintwork

John Donovan Electrical - Light Installation

Carrie Young Photography - Photography

Karl Monaghan - Canvas Framing


Armchairs - GlobeWest, available for purchase through Minted Interiors

Floor Rug - Tribe Home, available to purchase through Minted Interiors

Artwork - ‘Benedict’ by Adele Naidoo via Greenhouse Interiors, available to purchase through Minted Interiors

Cushion & Ottoman - Onyx & Smoke

Flowers - Flowers In Love

Swivel Desk Chair - West Elm

Lights - Beacon Lighting

Blue Vase - Marmoset Found

Small Vase, Mug, Diary and Pen - Roma Gifts


“I always envisaged having a calm and peaceful home office, instead I had a room that was filled with stuff and was not a great work environment.

I'd tried many times to clean it up and rearrange the furniture but nothing was quite right.

Having never used an interior designer before I was a bit nervous but once I made the decision to use Minted Interiors it was a load off my shoulders to have an expert sorting it out!

Tess immediately understood my somewhat vague explanation of what  I was trying to create and had so many ideas as to how to make it work.

She made the whole process from digital design to liasing with cabinetmakers so incredibly easy and stress free for me.

Thanks Tess for turning a ho hum messy office into a beautiful room that I actually want to spend time in.” Kate Tonkin, RealFood RealYou