Your story has the power to change someone else’s...


When you allow your mind to be silent, you can finally hear what you’re heart has to say.

Over the past few months, I’ve had the luxury of taking a proper break from work. I’ve had some amazing down time with my family and instead of toiling away on interior projects, I’ve been able to sit back and spend time thinking about the ‘WHY’. To go back to my roots and question why I started Minted in the beginning, what matters to me most and what my plans are for the future. I’ve realised and learnt so much since the early days and feel as though I’ve now captured a new clarity. This has allowed me to spend time working ON the business rather that IN the business. It’s been a while and let me tell you – it feels SO good. 

I have some pretty big interior projects and lifestyle brand collaborations already on the boil for this year which I’m really looking forward to sharing with you all. Transforming interiors, also transforms the lifestyles of the families we work with – something I feel incredibly passionate about and proud of.


But as you know, Minted Interiors is about so much more than just interiors.

Story telling is how we all make human connections and I’m a fundamental believer that the written word has the power to impact lives. Just as human beings have a basic need for food and shelter, we also need to fulfil our connection with others. We all have a story to tell and now, in this digital age, we also have a platform to tell it from – whether you have ten followers or 1000, your story is important and your platform gives YOU the power to share experiences and connect with other people in a meaningful way. This perspective is what has always driven me to share not just interior projects but also snippets of my family, my day-to-day and my experience of being a mother juggling a career. 


Over time I’ve been so overwhelmed with how many of you have chosen to engage with my brand, commenting on my posts with your own experiences, insights, thoughts and questions.  Business and motherhood is full of ups and downs - the combination can be incredibly overwhelming at times. Keeping connected with you all, is what always keeps me going. Insta and FB chatting about everything and anything from your shitty day, your battle to feed the kids and deal with demanding toddlers, what the best thing to watch on Netflix is, or the best place to holiday with your family, to design crushes, interior loves, fave furniture pieces, career goals and successes, the pressures of constantly wearing so many hats - good mother, good wife, good friend, good career woman - and consistently keeping that motherhood-career juggle alive. Over time, together, we have created a place that is not just an interiors feed but also a community of like minded women, celebrating the wins and struggling through the same day-to-day challenges.

Out of all of the things that Minted Interiors has achieved over time, the creation and growth of this amazing community is the one thing I am most proud of.

Perhaps Minted is not just about interior make-overs for your home, but also about interior make-overs for your mind.


I feel so much pride and gratitude to know that our design work brings plenty of value in improving the lifestyle and well-being of the families we work with. I’ve seen even the simplest of furniture updates greatly enhance our client’s mood and lifestyle. Transforming your space from a place that makes you feel drained, to a place where you can enjoy quality time together, without being hindered by poor design or less than pleasing cluttered surrounds, is one of the greatest joys of running this business. It’s important work that makes a difference in people’s lives.


However, I’m overtly aware that this is a luxury ‘for-want’ industry – the overall social impact of improving interiors is less than minimal. Which brings me back to my passion for sharing experiences and using these social platforms we’ve been gifted, not just to show our pretty project highlight reel but to also offer a personal experience for people to draw from - a safe space to grow communities. For Minted - a place for women to chat about the things important in their day-to-day lives - from casual seemingly insignificant musings that offer solidarity, to a shared passion for interiors and design, to creating conversations and awareness around important issues and causes. Nothing is too insignificant and everything is heard.

In 2019 the Minted Interiors social feeds will not just bring you snippets of our day, interior tips, trend forecasts, house tours and reveal our interior projects (although we’ll do a lot of that too - especially that relaxed coastal Australian living kind of content we love so much!) but will throw two important women’s topics into the spotlight – empowering women through entrepreneurship and raising awareness of women in crisis (more on this soon). And - with the first topic in mind - reading about other women’s business and motherhood stories and hearing about personal experiences from many of you is what has inspired and motivated me for so long, so I am also going to make a promise to share more of my personal ‘corporate-to-creative’ story in detail here on the blog... stay tuned.

Your story has the power to change the direction of someone else’s, so let’s keep sharing. I’m starting a hashtag called #mintedminute - a place to post moments from your day to day. They don’t have to be pretty images or interior/design related (although I’m sure we’ll all love those too!), just posts that capture something important / challenging / exciting / inspiring in your day, whether it’s about the challenges of motherhood, a career fail/success, a new design crush, or perhaps just a beautiful piece of art that inspires you. It’s about sharing our interests, along with the wins and the challenges we’re all facing, in a supportive community of like minded women. Get on board and follow the #mintedminute - you never know whose story will change the direction of yours…

I’m fully aware that some of this won’t be everyone’s jam - I would love to try to please all but that would be the fastest path to failure. If you decide that Minted is a community for you and you choose to keep engaging with our story, I hope that in time, through more storytelling and shared experiences we can create something even more meaningful and just a little bit magic.

Tess x

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