'Hamptons' Australian Style

Hamptons is one of the many coastal styles requested often by our beautiful clients and this week is no exception! In recent years Hamptons has taken Australia interiors by storm but just as we Aussies do with so many other interior styles, we’ve put our own spin on it to create a very unique ‘Australian Hamptons’ interior style.

Hamptons is a style inspired by the luxury Holiday Homes in the sea-side communities along the Eastern Beaches of upstate New York, Long Island. It’s all about luxury, generosity and grandeur paired with comfortable beach-side living - nautical themes, using layers of textiles and patterns to create inviting spaces which are designed for easy entertaining.

The traditional Hamptons colour palette is white on white, with touches of navy pin stripe and pattern and often nautical colours - blues and sandy tones - through decor or window dressings. The Hamptons style is big on layering patterns in textiles to create cosy and inviting spaces. For fixtures and fittings, you’ll often see timber floors, marble splash backs and bench tops, chrome or brass tap ware and plenty of shiplap cabinetry. It makes for a fresh and breezy and comforting setting.

The traditional Hamptons style masters the balance between relaxed and formal - using ample textiles and natural colours to create a comforting earthy feel, set against formal, luxury finishes like moulding and marble which emanate a sense of formality. The Australian take on Hamptons takes that relaxed vibe up a notch, with more casual, adventurous and unpretentious interpretations trending in popularity.

We have embraced many of the characteristics of the traditional Hamptons style - we’re saying ‘yes’ to white, to the formality of moulded and shiplap cabinetry and walls, marble benches and splash backs, timber fretwork, brass fittings, (some) nautical themed decor, as well as a nod to formal light fittings like chandeliers and wrought iron pendants, so often seen in this style genre.

But we’ve managed to inject our signature laid-back Australian style so synonymous with the Australian way of life. We’ve stripped back the patterned textiles and instead of upholstered formal armchairs we’ve introduced more relaxed woven wicker and cane styles, to pair with generous and comfortable Hamptons style sofas. In fact we’re introducing more natural wicker and cane all round, often showing up in our furniture and light fittings.

Design & Styling Minted Interiors, Photography Carrie Young

Design & Styling Minted Interiors, Photography Carrie Young

Rather than opting for a traditional all white base palette, colour in lower wet area cabinetry has taken off in Australian Hampton style interiors - in particular, charcoal, black, green and navy. Along with coloured cabinetry, we’re using traditional Hampton’s moulding, marble bench tops and farmhouse sinks, paired with contemporary tap ware against white backdrops.

We’re coveting traditional Hamptons fabrics like linen in a relaxed way - a beautiful throw casually slung over the end of a sofa and relaxed fringed linen cushions rather than the formal, upholstered stiff linen cushions and heavily patterned textiles of the traditional Hamptons style. We also love indoor plants here - something about creating a resort style sanctuary inside our homes that gets us all excited about interiors.

If you’re into Hamptons as much as we are, you’re in luck! As a special thank you to our readers I have curated the following ‘Get The Look - Australian Style Hamptons’ product collection. Not only that, you can purchase everything included in this collection via Minted Interiors at a discounted price, to instantly update your space. Email me tess@mintedinteriors.com for more information and pricing.

Hopefully speak to you soon,

Tess x