Australian Coastal Retreat Style - the enduring trend


There is something quintessentially appealing about an Australian coastal retreat interior style and if you’ve been following Minted for a while, you’ll know that contemporary laid-back living is what we’re all about. I think it’s the feeling it inspires - uncontrived, down to earth interiors with a strong connection to the outdoors - a relaxed, laid back way of living that shows a great appreciation of the natural beauty of our local environments - breathtaking beach-side landscapes and coastlines.


Retreat style living has seen a great global rise in popularity in the last twelve months and here in Australia we are combining ‘retreat’ with our beloved Australian coastal style to create our own brand of ‘Retreat Style’. From Milan Design Fair, to trend forecasters and design commentators, to global Pinterest statistics - the conclusion is clear - people are embracing this relaxed and rejuvenating retreat style.


A trend towards retreat living is suggested by some to be a response to a fast paced digital world. Life in the new miliienium is hectic and now with technology and access to work emails constantly in the palm of our hand, a 38hr working week has turned into a 24/7 exercise. We now take our mental health seriously and want to find sanctuary in our homes - feeling pampered and mentally rejuvenated at the end of each day, not as a treat reserved for luxury resorts but as a standard of living to be expected in our everyday. 

This approach to lifestyle goes hand in hand with the Wellness Industry and the prolific rise in the popularity of ‘wellness tourism’ which is currently growing at double the rate of regular tourism, fuelled by a US$4.2-Trillion Wellness Industry showing no signs of slowing down*. Whichever way you look, wellness is a topic of hot conversation - meditation will go mainstream, mental health will take priority and our interiors will reflect retreat style sanctuaries that facilitate and embrace this way of living.


Australians in particular are embracing this familiar way of living perhaps thanks to our long held appreciation for the outdoor lifestyle that so often goes along with a ‘retreat’ vibe, or the interior influence of our favourite nearby retreat style holiday destinations like Bali.


Spa inspired bathrooms, rattan furniture, natural materials like timber and linen, indoor plants and woven baskets, uncontrived, laid back but luxurious interiors are what characterises the Australian take on a coastal retreat style.


Even though this retreat vibe is trending globally, for many contemporary Australians it’s more of a classic forever enduring style thanks to its genuine integrity in creating those less formal settings we hold so dear and it’s perfect practicality when it comes to our beloved indoor-outdoor way of living. This is a style that compliments our Australian way of living and - if you ask me - looks set to stay.

Tess x

All images included in this post are of interiors designed and styled by Tess Beagley Minted Interiors and photographed by Carrie Young Photography.

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