Blooming Brookhaven

Introducing 'Blooming Brookhaven' a styling concept to promote Naturally Cane's stunning Brookhaven Bedhead. This beautiful bedhead has been a favourite of mine for some time, so when Sally - the clever talent responsible for Naturally Cane - asked me to come up with some styled imagery for this beauty, I think I literally jumped for joy. 

The quality of this bedhead is exquisite and the movement and flow in the design makes it such a beautifully soft, charmingly regal and pretty piece. I love the way that cane lends itself to so many different styles - from plantation, relaxed coastal, to contemporary and modern, to luxe and whimsical as we see it here. Definitely a favourite material for me.

Cane was a special part of my childhood and a material we're now seeing come back into vogue in so many forms. It's a material that conjures up all kinds of memories and feeling for me. I remember the smell of baking - Mum cooking while she sang along and tapped her foot to The Carpenters, with her roses in full bloom in vases around the house and my sisters and I lounging around on her Cane three seater and armchairs, which had a retro botanical print on the upholstered cushions - not too dissimilar to the poppy with the curled stem at the top of this mural. We also had two cane kids chairs and many cane baskets - some of which my mum had woven herself - scattered around our house. They were used to store toys, shoes, clothes and the empty ones were always a great hiding spot for games of hide-and-seek. 

It's these feelings and memories that inspired me for this brief. I knew I wanted to create a contemporary look, which also paid homage to Cane's old world charm and the part it played in so many people's childhoods. My goal was to inspire feelings of innocence, happiness and homeliness, using bright bursts of colour and blooms, because those are the lovely feelings and things that cane conjures up for me, thanks to my beautiful Mum.


If you've been following Minted Interiors for a while you'll know that I can't quite help myself when it comes to colour (thanks Mum!) - CUE AMAZING BOTANICAL WALL MURAL by Back To The Wall. This beauty is a serious show stopper and provides a pretty magical contrast with that stunning bedhead. I love how the softness and flow of the flowers, echo the soft curves of the bedhead - to me - the perfect match. 

Given I wanted the combination of the mural and bedhead to be the hero of the space (and what a HUGE statement they make!), I felt it was important to be restrained in the bed styling. I have SO much linen which would work with these mural colours and it took A LOT of discipline to tame my over excitable linen loving impulses! In the end I decided to pare things right back, using only a linen Kip & Co duvet cover (thanks for the loan Gemma Healy Maver!), throw and velvet cushion, paired with Sage x Clare pillowcases. This combination brings just enough simple block colour to compliment the colour palette, while allowing you an opportunity to really appreciate the mural and bedhead, without being distracted by colour and pattern in the linen. 


When it comes to styling, bedsides provide a great opportunity to layer detail and charm, bringing a space to life by creating interest. I couldn't go past my sister's colourful roses for this concept (another love my beautiful Mum passed on to us), some style books in the same hues, a beautiful velvet ottoman by Darcy & Duke to continue the luxe vibe and brass via a hanging planter and a tambourine by Amigos De Hoy to reflect light, layer contrast and create some childhood charm. The teal and blue vases are by Marmoset Found and the yellow cannister for some happy whimsy is by Have You Met Miss Jones.


And how could this concept be complete without my own darling 'flower girl' Jemima, dressed in Hubble & Duke (just as Mum would've dressed us), with a daisy chain crown and a middle name the same as my mum's. Whimsical childhood memory recreation COMPLETE. This was a special project for me - full of colour, roses and joy. This one's for you Mum xx        


A huge thanks to Sally from Naturally Cane Furniture and to Relda and Jo from Back To The Wall for having faith in my styling, Gemma Healy Maver for loaning her gorgeous linen, to my sister Carrie for her amazing roses, camera and helping me install the wallpaper, to all of the other brands involved and to YOU for your support and for being a big part of my styling journey x

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