Commercial Interior Design

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The most successful brands know that beautiful product imagery sells and in this age of digital marketing, it’s never been more important. We work with commercial brands, from concept development and art direction to set design and styling, to create beautiful advertising imagery. Tess Beagley has been published countless times and continues to feature regularly across Australian lifestyle magazines and blogs. Tess loves working with commercial clients big and small for website and print shoots, product launches, major events and general advertising.

Our clients will testify that great product imagery helps to build an iconic memorable brand. This service also offers product promotion opportunities on our Minted Interiors social media platforms, exposing your product to an audience of over 35,000+ interior savvy followers. The Minted Interiors audience is composed of 25-45 year old women with children, representing the primary purchase and activity decision maker in many families. Tess has not only established Minted Interiors as a reputable house hold name in the interiors industry but also a respected lifestyle voice when it comes to destination marketing, family activities and products.  

You can see some examples of our product styling work here and here.

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